BFI / Film4 / Picturehouse Dir: Brian Hill

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BEST MUSIC IN A FILM Nominee: Women in Sync Awards 2016 (Awards: June 2016)

The score is released by Moviescore Media and you can listen to some extracts from the score below.

“Plenty of thrillers employ third act twists to keep the mystery going.  But the one used in the serial killer documentary, 
The Confessions of Thomas Quick is so good
 it’s hard to believe it’s true.”

Hollywood Reporter

“Compelling serial killer doc”
Lesley Felperin, The Guardian

“A fascinating portrait of a troubled man and true crime case file”  
Ben Nicholson, CineView

“utterly fascinating”  
Patrick Peters, Empire




Violin  Max Baillie

Cello  Robin Michael

Trombone   Eric Crees

Accordion    Antti Palaanen

Vocals / electronics    Nainita Desai 

Double Bass Malcolm Laws

Programming, Engineering, electronics:  Nainita Desai

Score Music Mixer   Steve Parr

Music Assistant  Oscar Garvin


Written By   Nainita Desai 

Performed By EIVOR     

Cello: Marion Long

Accordion: Antti Paalanen

Electric Guitar: Hugo Fuguet

Drums: Jonathan Howells

Programming, electronics and engineering: Nainita Desai

Mixed by Goetz Botzenhardt

at Soho Sound Kitchen

This chilling film tells the gripping story of the making of a modern Swedish serial killer – taking us to the very heart of events that terrified a nation. Horrific and intriguing in equal measure, this is real Scandinavian noir, a dark tale of murder and lies. In a high-security psychiatric institute sits Thomas Quick, Sweden’s most notorious serial killer. A misfit loner who openly confessed to a range of unspeakable crimes including rape, murder and cannibalisation, Quick’s story has shocked and haunted the Swedish nation for over 20 years. However, new evidence including testimony from the man himself has taken this terrifying story in an even more disturbing direction. With full access to Quick and those around him, this real life thriller unravels the truth behind a self-confessed serial killer and uncovers a dark tale of murder and lies. The film examines the shocking revelations that were at the centre of this horrifying case; not only what happened but the major impact it has had on both those directly involved as well as the wider community. Looking at what would drive a man to commit such terrible crimes, the film also asks the question of how a monster such as Thomas Quick could have evolved and what contributed to his creation. Not for the faint of heart, the journey to the ultimate truth behind what happened is a tense, twisted odyssey that has forced a nation to come to terms with series of nightmarish crimes that have haunted their society for decades.


This thriller is no piece of Scandi-noir but is ripped from the real-life headlines that exposed the lurid exploits of Sweden’s most notorious serial killer. Given the name Sture Bergwall but taking the moniker of Thomas Quick, as it sounded more like a serial killer, the now elderly subject of director Brian Hill’s chilling but fascinating documentary confessed to having murdered 39 people after being committed to a progressive psychiatric institution. His version of events, crucially accompanied by eye-opening archive from the police and the doctors treating him, plunge the viewer into the disturbing and – be warned – ghoulishly graphic past of the long-time patient. The 1990s footage of Quick being all matey with therapists and policemen as he apparently leads them to the graves of his victims is both shocking and ludicrous. But a sharp-intake-of-breath moment then adds a stunning new dimension to this utterly absorbing film, which delivers something entirely unexpected about the human condition.

Telegraph Article about Sture Bergwall: CLICK HERE

01 Opening – The Loneliness Inside

02 The Perfect Patient

03 Thomas’ Childhood

04 Hannes 

05 Requiem for a Murder

06 Bank Robbery

07 First Love

08 The First Missing Soul

09 Opposing Views 

10 Forest Breakdown

11 Childhood Abuse

12 Dance of the Intellect

13 The Stabbing

14 Thomas in Lift

15 By the Lake

16 Another Innocent Life Lost

17 Revelation

18 Sture’s Reflections

19 The Release

20 The Loneliness Inside