An epic cinematic adventure, Untamed Romania celebrates Romania’s astounding natural beauty and diversity and also alerts people to protect the creatures and respect the habitats that are Romania’s wondrous wild treasures.

Directed by: Tom-Barton Humphries

Narrated by: Mark Strong

Off The Fence | The European Nature Trust and Auchan

Theatrical release: April 2018 Romania


TIFF (Transylvania Intl Film Festival), Barnes Film Festival, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, DCEFF Film Festival Washington, EASTWARDS Hague, DV Environmental Film Festival, British Council, Envision Sound Conference Kiev, Ukraine, Pelican Festival, Romania.

Winner: Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

International broadcasts: 2019

Score performed and recorded by the BBC NOW (National Orchestra of Wales) and Angel Studios, London.

The soundtrack will be released Quarter 1 2019.

Click HERE to watch a short Behind The Scenes film of the recording session.

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